All of our staff, upper management included, have worked as a cleaner. By doing this we all understand the responsibilities and duties associated with cleaning your facility.

When new cleaners are recruited and hired, they begin an orientation processes which includes one on one communication with Contract Compliance Managers, training videos, instructional pamphlets and hands-on-job training. The safety of our cleaners is extremely important to TRUST.  All cleaners are educated on the importance of Body Substance Isolation, PPE, OSHA, MSDS, HIPPA and other confidentiality and safety guidelines/regulations.

Learning is an on going process and does not end upon the initial orientation; it occurs daily.  Contract Compliance Managers are available to all cleaners for guidance and support. Monthly Newsletters are distributed to reinforce cleaners of their various important cleaning responsibilities.  Cleaners are routinely given written examinations to evaluate their comprehension of cleaning duties and procedures.