About Us

TRUST BUILDING SERVICES, INC. was established in 1997 by several individuals desiring to provide a higher level of personal customer service in an evolving janitorial industry.   Having been involved with publicly held corporations, TRUST’s new management team witnessed many janitorial contractors gaining larger and larger market shares by delivering less and less customer service at lower and lower rates.  TRUST broke this dissenting trend by implementing a program of superior customer service and employing full-time highly trained cleaning professionals.

Targeting medium to larger sized buildings, TRUST offers full-time work to what has traditionally been a minimum wage / part-time industry.  These individuals depend on TRUST as their primary/sole source of income; considering their efforts a true specialized profession.

TRUST’s cleaning professionals are compensated according to job performance.  With the absence of time keeping devices, our cleaners are paid according to productivity and actual space cleaned.  In general, the more area cleaned to specification, the higher their earnings.